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Fly Retriever

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When fishing small streams, there are days where it seems like your fly is in the trees and bushes more than on the water. First you try quick little jerks of the rod to see if you can work it loose. If it will not come free, you then have a choice - break off your fly and tie a new one, or wade through the spot where the fish are rising, spooking them.

The fly retriever gives you a better option. Simply slip the fly retriever into the tip-top of your rod and use your rod to place the retriever on the branch. Then use the attached cord to either pull the branch within reach, or to break the branch off. Remember not to pull directly toward yourself as you do not want it to let loose and come back to hit you. Always pull off to the side.

This nifty gadget will save many flies and will hopefully allow you another cast at that rising fish.

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