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ProWrap Metallic Twist Thread - Size C - 100yds

319G Red/Gold$5.45
319S Red/Silver$5.45
446G Blue/Gold$5.45
446S Blue/Silver$5.45
525G Green/Gold$5.45
525S Green/Silver$5.45
807G White/Gold$5.45
807S White/Silver$5.45
862G Black/Gold$5.45
862S Black/Silver$5.45

ProWrap™ Metallic Twist Rod Building Thread is available in 10 colors. The 100 yd spools work perfectly on power wrappers. ProWrap Metallic Twist thread is a unique blend of traditional Nylon thread with a Metallic twist to lend a distinctive brilliance to custom rods. Strong tensile strength and bright colors are pressure dyed for color consistency.

See the ProWrap Brochure for colors and additional information.
ProWrap Brochure (479k PDF)


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