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Author: Tim Holschlag
Publisher: Smallmouth Angler Press, Nov 2010
Binding: DVD
ISBN: 0-9763876-1-1

Everything you need to know to catch river smallies: reading the river, wading wisdom, tackle & gear, favorite lures, topwater tactics, cranking, spinner fishing, jigging & more. Filmed on 12 different rivers across several states. 66 min.

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Produced by Smallmouth Angler Productions.

, often called the Smallmouth Maser, is the author of the famous books Smallmouth Fishing and Smallmouth Fly Fishing, plus hundreds of smallmouth articles. He has personally fished 300 bronzeback rivers across the U.S. and Canada. Holschlag's 45 years of smallmouth experience, plus techniques from local experts across the country, are packed into this new book.

Smallmouth Angler is built on a passion for smallmouth bass fishing. We love the pursuit, the challenge, the beautiful places smallmouth reside, and the whole experience of being outdoors on a quiet river or lake. We also have a passion for helping others learn about smallmouth bass fishing, and that is what this site is all about.

We are dedicated to providing you with the information you need to enjoy success at smallmouth bass fishing. Our team members spend many hours studying smallmouth bass and doing field research. All of it with the goal of bringing you information that is both scientifically based and scientifically sound. Not just warmed-over ideas borrowed from other species, like largemouth bass or trout.

You will only receive straight talk on products and services from us. We have no ties to any specific manufacturers so all our information is totally unbiased. There is no hucksterism when it comes to smallmouth destinations either. You only get the straight facts. No exaggerations about fish sizes or numbers. (Ok, we MAY fib a bit about a few that got away, but who doesn't??)

Smallmouth Angler also promotes the conservation of smallmouth bass and the waters in which they swim. We strongly advocate protecting our precious smallmouth waters and all natural resources. And, naturally, we also strongly support catch and release. Let the fighter live so future generations may enjoy this outstanding fish as well.

Our Mission is to provide you with the information and tools you need to become a more successful smallmouth bass fisherman.

Our Hope is that your success makes you an advocate for smallmouth fishing and smallmouth bass - helping to ensure its status as a beloved and protected game fish.

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