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Mystic Reaper Series Fly Rods

$279.00 - $289.00
$195.95 - $199.95

This item has been discontinued and is no longer available.
Definitive proof that price alone does not determine value. The Reaper fly rod is a true tip-flex, fast action rod with performance characteristics similar to those found in more expensive fast action fly rods available on the market.

By utilizing modern multi-modulus layups, Mystic has created a rod with a very supple tip capable of protecting light tippet while at the same time delivering immense power through the middle and the lower sections of the blank. Like all Mystic flyrods, the Reaper is true to line size and several of the models are saltwater safe. The end result is a rocket launcher of a rod that redefines what “fast action” should really be all about.

The reaper is offered in line sizes from delicate 3 weight designed with Brook Trout in mind to a 10 weight powerhouse, capable of handling trophy class Northern Pike and Muskie.

The Reaper fly rod is the perfect example of exceptional performance built into a mid-priced rod. The Mystic Reaper is highly regarded in the industry as being a top-notch fast action fly fishing rod.

  • True tip-flex, like that in more expensive fast action rods
  • Space-age construction with multi-modulus layers
  • A supple tip that can protect a light tippet
  • Immense power delivered through the lower and middle sections
  • High quality cork handle with a Western style handle
  • Walnut reel seat
  • Silver aluminum uplocking seat comes with a burled wood insert
  • Two SIC stripper guides and good sized hard chrome snakes are incorporated
  • Constructed to be true to line size
  • Delicate 3 weight line sizes designed for brook trout
  • 12 weight powerhouse line to act as a muskie fly rod or deal with trophy class Northern Pike
  • 4 piece construction packed into a nice case allows for easy transport
  • Lengths from 7’ to 10’
  • Deep forest green power color
  • Several models are saltwater safeBenefits
  • Stiffness brings in fish faster
  • Fast action flyrods work in windy conditions
  • Casts well and is perfect for long casts
  • Casting is smooth with great line loops
  • Great value and a powerful rod for the price
  • Provides accurate fly placement, both near and far
  • All Reaper rods come with a lifetime warranty!

    Mystic Rod Lifetime Warranty Policy
    All Mystic rods are covered by a lifetime warranty, for the original owner. This includes defects caused by craftsmanship or faulty materials for the life of the rod. There is a nominal handling charge (currently $50.00). Mystic Rods also have a "No-Fault Accidental Breakage Policy" so you can rest assured that your investment is safe.

    Model Pieces Line Wt Length Action
    R 370-4 4 3 7' FAST
    R 380-4 4 3 8' FAST
    R 486-4 4 4 8' 6" FAST
    R 490-4 4 4 9' FAST
    R 590-4 4 5 9' FAST
    R 690-4 4 6 9' FAST
    R 790-4 4 7 9' FAST
    R 710-4 4 7 10' FAST
    R 890-4 4 8 9' FAST
    R 810-4 4 8 10' FAST
    R 1090-4 4 10 9' FAST
    RT 1290-4 4 12 9' FAST
    RM 1290-4 4 12 9' FAST


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