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Glass Beads - Midge (1.5mm) - Tube
Item #:109327
Your Price:$3.99
Color  QuantityPrice
Copper Lined Crystal  $3.99
Lined Golden Olive  $3.99
Metallic Blue  $3.99
Metallic Brass  $3.99
Metallic Brown  $3.99
Metallic Copper  $3.99
Metallic Dk Blue  $3.99
Metallic Green  $3.99
Metallic Gunmetal  $3.99
Metallic Peacock  $3.99
Metallic Rainbow  $3.99
Opaque Black - Out Of Stock  $3.99
Opaque Matte Copper  $3.99
Opaque Matte Dk Olive  $3.99
Orange Lined Yellow  $3.99
Pearlescent Dk Gold  $3.99
Pearlescent Lt Gold  $3.99
Pearlescent Olive - Out Of Stock  $3.99
Pearlescent Red  $3.99
Pearlescent Root Beer  $3.99
Rainbow Blue  $3.99
Rainbow Green  $3.99
Rainbow Olive  $3.99
Silver Lined Caddis Green  $3.99
Silver Lined Crystal - Out Of Stock  $3.99
Silver Lined Deep Red  $3.99
Silver Lined Dk Amber  $3.99
Silver Lined Green  $3.99
Silver Lined Insect Green  $3.99
Silver Lined Lt Amber  $3.99
Silver Lined Olive - Out Of Stock  $3.99
Silver Lined Orange  $3.99
Silver Lined Pearl  $3.99
Silver Lined Pink  $3.99
Silver Lined Red  $3.99
Silver Lined Root Beer  $3.99
Silver Lined Yellow  $3.99
Transparent Chartreuse  $3.99
Transparent Crystal - Out Of Stock  $3.99
Transparent Deep Red  $3.99
Transparent Dk Amber  $3.99
Transparent Dk Green - Out Of Stock  $3.99
Transparent Green  $3.99
Transparent Insect Green  $3.99
Transparent Lt Amber  $3.99
Transparent Olive  $3.99
Transparent Orange  $3.99
Transparent Red  $3.99
Transparent Shrimp Pink  $3.99
Transparent Yellow  $3.99

Glass Beads - Midge (1.5mm) - Tube

Glass beads are great for Zebra Midges, Caddis patterns, or any fly that you want to add a little bit of weight to. These are high quality Japanese beads of extremely uniform in size which makes them perfect for tying.

Size Diameter Hook Size Approx Qty per Tube
Midge 1.5mm 18-24 2300
Small 2.2mm 12-18 850
Medium 3.0mm 8-12 350
Large 4.0mm 2-8 140


Transparent bead allows base materials of the fly to show through.

Silver Lined
The center of the bead is has a silver coating creating brilliant reflections through the colored bead

Metallic & Opaque
Metalic and Opaque beads look very much like conventional beadheads, but are significantly lighter than brass or tungsten allowing for a slower sink rate.

Pearlescent beads have a shimmering quality to the exterior of the bead.

Rainbow beads have a metalic multi-color finish.

Copper Lined Crystal

Lined Golden Olive

Metallic Blue

Metallic Brass

Metallic Brown

Metallic Copper

Metallic Dk Blue

Metallic Green

Metallic Gunmetal

Metallic Peacock

Metallic Rainbow

Opaque Black

Opaque Matte Copper

Opaque Matte Dk Olive

Orange Lined Yellow

Pearlescent Dk Gold

Pearlescent Lt Gold

Pearlescent Olive

Pearlescent Red

Pearlescent Root Beer

Rainbow Blue

Rainbow Green

Rainbow Olive

Silver Lined Caddis Green

Silver Lined Crystal

Silver Lined Deep Red

Silver Lined Dk Amber

Silver Lined Green

Silver Lined Insect Green

Silver Lined Lt Amber

Silver Lined Olive

Silver Lined Orange

Silver Lined Pearl

Silver Lined Pink

Silver Lined Red

Silver Lined Root Beer

Silver Lined Yellow

Transparent Chartreuse

Transparent Crystal

Transparent Deep Red

Transparent Dk Amber

Transparent Dk Green

Transparent Green

Transparent Insect Green

Transparent Lt Amber

Transparent Olive

Transparent Orange

Transparent Red

Transparent Shrimp Pink

Transparent Yellow

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