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Brass Nymph Beads - 100/Bag - Gold

$4.49 - $9.99
1/16in - Ships 6/12/20$4.49
5/64in - Ships 6/12/20$4.49
5/32in - Ships 6/12/20$4.99

The beadhead one of the most popular innovations for tying nymphs. Beadheads add weight to your nymphs and can add a bit of flash to help attract fish.

The beads are counter sunk to facilitate sliding over the barb and around the bend of the hook.

100 beads per bag.

Eample of bead usage

Bead Size Recommendations*
Bead Size Hook Sizes
1/16" 18-24
5/64" 16-18
3/32" 14-16
7/64" 12-16
1/8" 10-14
5/32" 6-10
3/16" 4-8
7/32" 2-4

* Recommended sizes are based on a variety of hook manufacturers and hook styles. Some brands and styles may differ from the above chart.

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