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Rio Avid Trout Fly Line


DEVELOPED WITH TAPERS and technology that enhance the fly fishing experience

RIO's Avid series of fly lines were developed for the keen fly fisher with tapers and technology that enhance the fly fishing experience. The lines are designed for easy casting performance, with slightly heavier and shorter head lengths.

Each line is built on a supple memory-free core, and has a super slick coating for easy distance. A welded loop on the front end allows anglers to rig easily (not on sink tips).

  • Slightly heavier, easy casting lines for a multitude of situations
  • Short, powerful front taper for good presentation and turnover
  • Welded loop on the front end to allow for fast and easy rigging

AgentX - This proprietary process allows RIO line designers to optimize the specific performance of each line. For example, AgentX floating lines can use an inner layer with more buoyant microspheres, while the outer layer is formulated for maximum toughness and shooting ability. AgentX means the best of both worlds in a single fly line.

Extreme Slickness - With XS Technology, RIO has developed a fly line that is slicker, more stable, and far less apt to attract dirt, and paired with AgentX Technology, it engineers a line that is less dense, casts further and more accurately, floats higher, lasts longer, and offers more consistent performance cast after cast, strike after strike, fish after fish.

6-20128 WF3F 36ft / 10.9m 80ft / 24.4m
6-20129 WF4F 37ft / 11.2m 80ft / 24.4m
6-20130 WF5F 38ft / 11.5m 90ft / 27.4m
6-20131 WF6F 39ft / 11.8m 90ft / 27.4m
6-20132 WF7F 40ft / 12.1m 90ft / 27.4m
6-20133 WF8F 41ft / 12.5m 90ft / 27.4m


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