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Scientific Anglers Wavelength Grand Slam - Pale Yellow/Horizon


For Bonefish, Permit, and Tarpon

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Tarpon. Bonefish. Permit. All in one day. All on one fly line. That’s the idea behind the Wavelength Grand Slam, a line designed specifically to help you achieve one of angling’s most elusive accomplishments. With a short, powerful head the Grand Slam cuts through wind and turns over crabs, shrimp, and tarpon toads with ease. We’ve got the line. You just need the fish.

  • Designed for demanding tropical saltwater applications
  • Cuts through wind with ease and turns over big saltwater flies
  • Short, powerful head for quick casts to moving targets
  • Overweighted by .75 sizes to load rods quickly and efficiently
  • Shooting Texture reduces friction, providing longer casts, higher flotation and increased durability
  • Tropi-Core™ technology for tropical climates
  • SA ID – SA WL SLAM WF X F (X = line weight)


Hot Water Type
WF-6-F 40.0′ 100.0′ 178
WF-7-F 40.0′ 100.0′ 205
WF-8-F 40.0′ 100.0′ 233
WF-9-F 40.0′ 100.0′ 270
WF-10-F 40.0′ 100.0′ 318
WF-11-F 40.0′ 100.0′ 368
WF-12-F 40.0′ 100.0′ 434

* Grain weight for the first 30′

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