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Squiggly Worm Material

Blood Red$2.95
Fl Green$2.95
Fl Orange$2.95
Fl Yellow$2.95
Glow in the Dark$2.95
Hot Pink$2.95

Use our Squiggly Worm Material to tie your favorite squiggly, squirmy and wiggly flies. This material has an amazing action in the water giving life to your fly. It is strong and incredibly stretchy.

  • Approx. 10 worms per package.
  • Each worm measures approximately 5.5" long allowing you to tie multiple flies from each one.

    Tying Tips

  • Cover the shank of your hook with thread. This will prevent the material from slipping on the hook.
  • When applying Squiggly Worm Material, start with a couple of loose wraps before cinching tight. Too much pressure can cut the material.
  • Use heavier thread than normal to prevent the tread from cutting into Squiggly Worm Material.
  • DO NOT use head cement. It will melt the Squiggly Worm Material.

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