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Lamson Guru Series II Black Reel


This item has been discontinued and is no longer available.

Guru Series II Black Fly Fishing Reel

Black Guru II is virtually the same reel as the Guru II, finished in a smooth black Type II anodize.

Steadfast and stylish, Guru has long set a standard as a rugged, fully USA-machined ultra-reliable reel at a great price. This season we’ve updated Guru’s spool geometry for enhanced retrieve rates, opened the porting to reduce weight and improve line drying, integrated the counterbalance and introduced a curved cross section arbor for structural stability.

Guru continues to prove that the quest for “enlightenment” can be anything but boring.

Format: Large Arbor

Materials: Machined 6061 Aluminum, stainless steel

Finish: Type II Anodize- Black

Drag: Sealed Conical Drag System

US Made, Idaho Built

Guru Series II Black Specifications

Guru 1 II Black 3.09″ 0.90″ 3.87 oz 2,3,4 WF3 35 yds 20#
Guru 1.5 II Black 3.35″ 1.01″ 4.27 oz 3,4,5 WF4 100 yds 20#
Guru 2 II Black 3.50″ 1.00″ 4.62 oz 5,6 WF6 100 yds 20#
Guru 3 II Black 3.75″ 1.15″ 5.08 oz 7,8 WF7 150 yds 20#
Guru 3.5 II Black 4.00″ 1.19″ 5.59 oz 8,9 WF9 200 yds 20#
Guru 4 II Black 4.41″ 1.32″ 6.86 oz 10,11 WF10 250 yds 30#

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