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Rio InTouch Gold Flyline - Moss/Gray/Gold


THE ULTIMATE, ALL-ROUND fly line, with ultra-low stretch performance

THE INTOUCH RIO GOLD has a taper design that gives incredible loop stability at distance and a front taper that delivers perfect presentation of flies between sizes #2 and #22.

The ultra-low stretch ConnectCore provides groundbreaking levels of sensitivity for intuitively better cast timing, easier line lift and sharp, precise mends. Lack of stretch also means enhanced detection of subtle takes and faster reaction time when setting the hook. The long head is ideal for the river fly fisher, and for controlling the fly at range.
  • Perfect presentation of flies between #2 and #22
  • ConnectCore improves cast timing, hook set and mending
  • Unique SureFire color system for improved accuracy and distance control
  • Easy ID to quickly identify fly line

    ConnectCore - These lines open up new worlds of perception and sensitivity with ultra-low stretch performance. Soft, subtle takes become positive grabs, and without stretch to dull reaction times, hook sets are instant and sure. The secret weapon for success.

    MaxFloat Tip - A proprietary tip coating formula floats more than twice as high as regular line tips, without any increase in diameter. That puts maximum floatation right where you need it for reduced drag, longer presentations and quieter pickups.

    MaxCast - MaxCast’s hydrophobic chemistry, which actively pushes water away from the line, resulting in radically improved floatation and reduced dirt adhesion. It also allows the line to slip more easily from the surface film for longer, quieter pickups.

    AgentX - This proprietary process allows RIO line designers to optimize the specific performance of each line. For example, AgentX floating lines can use an inner layer with more buoyant microspheres, while the outer layer is formulated for maximum toughness and shooting ability. AgentX means the best of both worlds in a single fly line.

    SUREFIRE is Rio's triple color marking system that improves casting accuracy by making it easy to gauge exact distances with a quick glance.

    FRONT & BACK WELDED LOOP A neat, bullet-proof welded loop on the end for fast rigging.

    EASY ID RIO’s printed line marking system to allow anglers to quickly and easily identify each line.

    6-20684 WF4F 37ft / 11.2m 80ft / 24.4m Float
    6-20685 WF5F 38ft / 11.5m 90ft / 27.4m Float
    6-20686 WF6F 39ft / 11.8m 90ft / 27.4m Float
    6-20687 WF7F 40ft / 12.1m 90ft / 27.4m Float
    6-20688 WF8F 41ft / 12.5m 90ft / 27.4m Float

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