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Sage Method Fly Rod Blank
Item #:115044
Your Price:$425.00
Size  QuantityPrice
9ft 4wt 4pc (490-4)  $425.00
9ft 5wt 4pc (590-4)  $425.00
9ft 6wt 4pc (690-4)  $425.00
9ft 6in 6wt 4pc (697-4)  $425.00
9ft 7wt 4pc (790-4)  $425.00
9ft 6in 7wt 4pc (796-4)  $425.00
10ft 7wt 4pc (7100-4)  $425.00
9ft 8wt 4pc (890-4)  $425.00
9ft 9wt 4pc (990-4)  $425.00
9ft 10wt 4pc (1090-4)  $425.00
9ft 11wt 4pc (1190-4)  $425.00

Sage Method Fly Rod Blank

Sage Rod Blanks are the heart and soul of the rod and make a perfect canvas. We provide you with the best in fly rod technology and all you have to do is dress it to match your unique style. All of our blanks are still proudly hand built and designed here on Bainbridge Island, WA.

Model Butt Size Tip Size Weight (oz)


0.39 1.5 1 7/16
1018-590-4 0.405 1.5 1 1/2
1018-690-4 0.41 1.5 1 4/7
1018-790-4 0.42 1.5 1 11/16
1018-796-4 0.425 1.6 1 13/16
1018-7100-4 0.44 1.6 2
1018-890-4 0.43 1.8 1 7/8
1018-990-4 0.46 1.8 2 1/16
1018-1090-4 0.465 2 2 9/16
1018-1190-4 0.475 2 2 13/16


For those ready to build their own fly rod using a Sage blank see the Sage website for recommended guide spacing. Using the guide spacing provided ensures that your rod performs just like one of the fly rods that are hand built.

Sage's R&D Department suggests that you keep the guide placement within a ¼ inch of the measurement that we provide in order to be consistent with the design and feel of factory-assembled Sage rods. Drastic changes to guide size and placement can affect the overall performance of the blank. Below are some tips that will help you assemble your rod to our specifications:
  • The white dots on each section indicate the straightest axis of the blank; we recommend aligning each section, dot to dot then place the guides on the dotted line
  • Assemble the blank and lay flat on a large table or floor with the tip top guide attached
  • Measure from the top of the tip top wire down the length to the butt section and mark each measurement with a felt tip pen or marker
  • Place the bottom foot, foot closest to butt, on the measurement for best placement accuracy
  • The "t" at the end of a guide size stands for thin wire or light wire guide - examples: 1/0t or 1t
  • Guide sizes are for double foot snake guides. For single foot guides, we recommend going up 2 sizes.
    These are Sage's recommendations, but as a custom rod builder you, of course, have the ability to move the guides around as you choose.
Sage Method Fly Rod Description
Becoming an expert caster and fly fisher means learning to meet the fish on their own terms. Like getting even the biggest, bulkiest flies out to places they felt the safest, out of the range of merely average casts. Enter ultra-fast METHOD. Built using Konnetic Technology® for a wicked combination of lightweight and strength, the METHOD’s aggressive tapering from butt-to-tip flawlessly transmits casting energy so that you never feel you have to push this rod to push beyond previous casting limits.

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