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Redington Crux Fly Rod

7ft 6in 3wt 4pc (CRUX-376-4) - Out Of Stock$419.99
9ft 3wt 4pc (CRUX-390-4) - Out Of Stock$419.99
8ft 6in 4wt 4pc (CRUX-486-4) - Out Of Stock$419.99
9ft 4wt 4pc (CRUX-490-4)$419.99
8ft 6in 5wt 4pc (CRUX-586-4) - Out Of Stock$419.99
9ft 5wt 4pc (CRUX-590-4)$419.99
9ft 6wt 4pc (CRUX-690-4)$419.99
9ft 6wt 4pc (CRUX-690-4S)$419.99
9ft 6in 6wt 4pc (CRUX-696-4S) - Out Of Stock$419.99
9ft 7wt 4pc (CRUX-790-4)$419.99
10ft 7wt 4pc (CRUX-7100-4) - Out Of Stock$419.99
9ft 8wt 4pc (CRUX-890-4)$419.99
10ft 8wt 4pc (CRUX-8100-4) - Out Of Stock$419.99
9ft 9wt 4pc (CRUX-990-4)$419.99
9ft 10wt 4pc (CRUX-1090-4) - Out Of Stock$419.99

The CRUX rod offers our all new Line Speed Taper, for confident short to mid-range delivery of flies and effortless extreme distance casting. Combined with the introduction of the Angled Key Grip, a denser pre-compressed cork material designed to increase durability and reduce hand fatigue, we think the all new CRUX is the best rod we’ve ever built.


  • Fast Action
  • All-new Line Speed Taper for extreme distance casting and effortless short to mid-range fly delivery
  • Increased connectivity between the tip, middle, and lower sections for an all-around superior feel
  • Stiffer tip designed to reduce tip vibrations
  • Fine diameter blanks throughout range to reduce resistance and increase rod recovery speed
  • Denser pre-compressed cork material on Angled Key Grip increases durability while reducing hand fatigue
  • Angled Key Grip promotes the most versatile and productive casting grip the ‘extended finger grip’
  • Lightweight guides and minimal rod wraps to increase recovery for high line speed gains
  • Fully anodized aluminium reel seat with in-built hook keepers
  • Reel seat features double anodized high-quality design detailing with enlarged fixed reel foot hood with line identification
  • Premium metallic olive matte finish
  • Section alignment dots for easy and correct assembly of rod guides
  • Fully protected cordura rod tube with dividers
  • Lifetime Warranty

    Handle A

    Handle B

    Handle C

    Handle D

    Model Handle Length Line Wt Rod Wt (Oz)
    CRUX 376-4 A 7' 6" 3 2.9
    CRUX 390-4 A 9' 0" 3 3.3
    CRUX 486-4 A 8' 6" 4 3.4
    CRUX 490-4 A 9' 0" 3 3.4
    CRUX 586-4 A 8' 6" 5 3.4
    CRUX 590-4 A 9' 0" 5 3.5
    CRUX 690-4 A 9' 0" 6 3.6
    CRUX 690-4S B 9' 0" 6 4.1
    CRUX 696-4S B 9' 6" 6 4.3
    CRUX 790-4 C 9' 0" 7 4.3
    CRUX 7100-4 C 10' 0" 7 4.8
    CRUX 890-4 C 9' 0" 8 4.4
    CRUX 8100-4 C 10' 0" 8 5
    CRUX 990-4 C 9' 0" 9 4.6
    CRUX 1090-4 D 9' 0" 10 4.9


    7ft 6in 3wt 4pc (376-4)
    The 376 CRUX is the right rod for small creeks and smaller fish where an open loop cast just won't be as effective as a tight loop presentation.

    9ft 0in 3wt 4pc (390-4)
    The 390 CRUX excels at light line angling where a longer rod means more line off the water between turbulent pools, and more rod load for a wide array of fly choices many pocketwater streams demand.

    8ft 6in 4wt 4pc (486-4)
    The 486 CRUX is perfect for dry fly accuracy casting and crisp recovery between casts. It loads quickly and inspires confidence for spooky spring creek presentations.

    9ft 0in 4wt 4pc (490-4)
    The 490 CRUX is a great dry fly and light nymph rod for spooky trout and clear water. It protects light tippets with ease and offers exceptional in-hand balance.

    8ft 6in 5wt 4pc (586-4)
    The 586 CRUX excels at accurate presentations and offers a significant amount of feel while maintaining tight loops that roll off the tip of the rod. It's light in hand and a pleasure to cast in calm and windy conditions alike.

    9ft 0in 5wt 4pc (590-4)
    The 590 CRUX is a star all-around performer, built to offer superb in-hand balance and generate high line speed to cut through wind and toss tight loops. It's perfect for all types of trout flies, any weather conditions, and precision casting.

    9ft 0in 6wt 4pc (690-4)
    The 690 CRUX offers a greater powerband and unparralleled loop control for presenting flies ranging from foam hoppers to bass poppers to light bonefish patterns. It's build to shred the wind and deliver flies with authority that lighter rods just can't achieve.

    9ft 0in 6wt 4pc (690-4S)
    The 690-4S CRUX offers a greater powerband and unparralleled loop control for presenting flies ranging from foam hoppers to bass poppers to light bonefish patterns. It's build to shred the wind and deliver flies with authority that lighter rods just can't achieve. This version features a fighting butt to better handly trophy fish.

    9ft 6in 6wt 4pc (696-4S)
    The 696 CRUX is built to handle indicator fishing from drift boats, streamer rigs, beach casting, and generally bigger flies for a great heavy duty setup.

    9ft 0in 7wt 4pc (790-4)
    The 790 CRUX is one of the most versatile rods we build. From smallmouth to big browns, to small bonefish, snook, and steelhead, it really does do it all.

    10ft 0in 7wt 4pc (7100-4)
    The 7100 CRUX handles single-hand spey casts, long steelhead mends, loch style fishing, and big indicators with ease.

    9ft 0in 8wt 4pc (890-4)
    The 890 CRUX is the ultimate go-to rod for nearly any large or fast fish species, from bonefish to alaksan salmon, smallmouth bass to redfish, and stripers, snook, baby tarpon, and general sinking line use.

    10ft 0in 8wt 4pc (8100-4)
    The 8100 CRUX is the quintessential atlantic salmon bomber rod, big steelhead rod for long mends and indicators, and Pyramid Lake style angling tool.

    9ft 0in 9wt 4pc (990-4)
    The 990 CRUX might be the ultimate one-rod solution for saltwater flats fishing, and is the perfect tool for big winter redfish, trophy largemouth, golden dorado, spooky permit, or general purpose salmon fishing.

    9ft 0in 10wt 4pc (1090-4)
    The 1090 CRUX is built for the kings of the water big permit, light tarpon, roosters, pike, musky, stripers, trophy redfish, and golden dorado have all been tamed by this fast action 10 weight.

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