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CA 4 Wt. System  $749.99
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CA 6 Wt. System  $749.99

Lamson Center Axis Rod/Reel System

Casting is believing. Cast off your preconceptions of fly rod design - and get closer to the center of the action. The Center Axis may be the most meaningful advancement in fly rod performance since graphite replaced fiberglass all those decades ago. By closely aligning the center mass of our Litespeed reel with the center axis of our medium-fast action rod, we’ve de-levered the mass of the heavier object. The result will amaze you. You’ll feel the pulse of your cast like never before. Don’t take our word for it. Put the Center Axis in your hand. Casting is believing.

The Rod/Reel System includes 9" 4 piece medium-fast action rod with reel attached. A case is also included.


CA 4 med-fast 4 Reverse half wells      9′    4 6.5 oz
CA 5 med-fast 5 Reverse half wells      9′    4 6.9 oz
CA 6 med-fast 6 Reverse half wells      9′    4 7.9 oz

Imagine casing with a reel mounted 12-inches below the rod. The reel would create pendulum and twisting forces. On a smaller scale, the same forces are at work with the standard rod/reel configuration. On your backcast, you want to feel the decelerating line load the rod, not the force required to hold the reel straight. Your hand informs the brain about timing and position so the measured energy you put into the rod happens at the right instant—at the perfect amplitude and arc to send the loop sailing. While searching for the rhythm and feedback from the rod and line, the last thing you need is the reel swinging around and creating background static.

The Center Axis system can only be as good as the rod it’s mated to, so truth be told, the majority of our effort went into developing a truly excellent fly rod.

We’ve built the rod that we wanted to fish: A dynamic, versatile rod that’s fun to cast. A rod that strikes a balance between speed and loop control. And specifically—because it gets its power from a deep loading bottom section—a rod that “rolls” with the expanding repertoire of D-loop casts.

This last point can’t be overstated. When your back is to the wall (0f overhanging willows) the ability to make a long, tight Scandi cast can be incredibly useful. To make this happen the rod needs to load deep. It’s not rocket science, but it’s a feature often overlooked.

Finish details were another opportunity to innovate. We took a lesson from the Heron, and finish our rods in a silhouette and flash reducing matte grey.

Having developed this fine fishing tool, we couldn’t resist offering it in a standard seat version as well.

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