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Scientific Anglers Freightliner Skagit - Int

400 Grain$49.99
440 Grain$49.99
600 Grain$49.99
640 Grain$49.99

Intermediate Skagit Head

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When salmon or steelhead are holding deeper in the water, sometimes you need to reach for an intermediate-sinking Skagit head. The Intermediate Freightliner Skagit is the perfect shooting head for those situations. Designed with a boatload of power to cast heavy sink tips, the Intermediate Freightliner Skagit is ideal for deep-water presentations to migrating fish holding down in the water column.

  • Intermediate version for slow, deep presentations
  • Extremely short and powerful taper for casting heavy tips
  • Color change at the rear of the head
  • Short head provides quick rod loading
  • Suited for two-handed and switch rods
  • Braided multifilament core
  • SA FRGHTLNR SKAGIT ### GR I (### = grain weight)


Cold Water Type Medium Water Type Streamers

129497 400gr/25,9g 21.0’/6,4m
129503 440gr/28,5g 22.0’/6,7m
129510 480gr/31,1g 22.0’/6,7m
129527 520gr/33,7g 23.0’/7,0m
129534 560gr/36,3g 23.0’/7,0m
129541 600gr/38,9g 25.0’/7,6m
129558 640gr/41,5g 25.0’/7,6m


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