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Douglas LRS Spinning Rods

$179.00 - $249.00
LRS S663F$189.00
LRS S6103F$179.00
LRS S6103XF$189.00
LRS S704F$189.00
LRS S724XF$189.00
LRS SC724XF$219.00
LRS S744XF$199.00
LRS S785F$199.00
LRS SC785F$219.00
LRS S7104F$219.00
LRS S9042MF$229.00
LRS S9042F$229.00
LRS S9842F$249.00
LRS S9852F$249.00

The Douglas LRS series was truly developed with value in mind. The LRS was designed to be the workhorse addition to the fisherman’s arsenal. This series offers anglers stunning looks, high-end components, superior strength-to-weight ratios and thoroughly engineered technique-specific actions at an affordable price tag.

LRS rods features tactical sensitivity coupled with the durability that anglers at the highest levels expect from their equipment.


  • High quality FUJI reel seats with hidden thread for all day comfort
  • CC FUJI Alconite guides with a matte finish. Brackish/ saltwater safe, highly corrosion resistant with long wear inserts that withstand all lines including braid
  • Innovative skipping handle designed by Jimmy Reese
  • Ergonomically designed, form fitting high density EVA grips
  • Balanced, Lightweight, and strong graphite and hybrid multi-modulus blanks


  • Backed by a 5 year warranty
  • Beautiful deep blue finished blanks and wraps
  • Performance actions for specific techniques
  • Lightweight and balanced rod feel in each unique rod in the series
  • FUJI Alconite Tip-Top with CC finish. Tip-Top frames are welded on the side of the guide to avoid tip wrap when using braid
  • Wide variety of rod models for nearly every freshwater and inshore salt application

    22200 LRS S663F 6’6” 8-12lb 1/8-5/8oz 1 3.8 Skipping
    22205 LRS S6103F 6’10” 6-10lb 1/8-7/16oz 1 3.3 Split
    22210 LRS S6103XF 6’10” 6-12lb 1/8-7/16oz 1 3.8 Split
    22215 LRS S704F 7’0” 8-14lb 1/3-1oz 1 3.8 Split
    22220 LRS S724XF 7’2” 6-12lb 1/8-3/4oz 1 4.1 Split
    22221 LRS SC724XF 7’2” 6-12lb 1/8-3/4oz 1 Split Cork
    22225 LRS S744XF 7’4” 8-14lb 3/8-1oz 1 4.2 Split
    22230 LRS S785F 7’8” 10-20lb 1/4-1 1/4oz 1 4.1 Full
    22231 LRS S785F 7’8” 10-12lb 1/4-1 1/4oz 1 Full Cork
    22235 LRS S7104F 7’10” 8-17lb 3/8-11/2oz 1 5.8 Carbon
    22245 LRS S9042MF 9’0” 8-15lb 1/8-5/8oz 2 4.2 Full
    22250 LRS S9042F 9’0” 10-17lb 3/8-11/2oz 2 4.6 Full
    22252 LRS S9842F 9’8” 2
    22253 LRS S9852F 9’8” 2


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