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Korkers Triple Threat Sole Platform - Carbide Spike 40 Pack -Triple Threat - FA9045

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The 100% customizable sole that gives you endless spike, bar and hex disc traction configurations for the ultimate in options.

Sticky rubber outsole with over-molded threaded stainless steel receptacles to accept our proprietary bolt-on traction enhancement system to mix and match your traction system. Choose one sole with its traction option, then add the components from the other two for a complete set.

Three Traction Options Available:
Carbide Spikes bite into smooth, slick surfaces ensuring long-lasting, positive traction in treacherous terrain.

Aluminum Hex Discs provide a combination of biting edges and soft aluminum that morph to surrounding geology to create positive grip in rugged, rocky terrain.

Aluminum Bars provide solid, edge to edge aluminum coverage that morph to surrounding geology for positive grip.

Carbide Spike Sole - FA3045

Aluminum Hex Disc Sole - FA3065

Aluminum Bars - FA3075

Triple Threat Component Sets also available - MIX AND MATCH
Customize your soles for your particular need, even mixing and matching spikes with discs or bars.

Triple Threat Carbide Spikes - FA9030

Triple Threat Aluminum Hex Discs - FA9065

Triple Threat Aluminum Bars - FA9075

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