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Author: Shanti Hodges
Publisher: NATIONAL BOOK NETWORK, May 2018
Binding: Softcover
ISBN: 1-4930-3390-5

Hike it Baby presents the 100 best outdoor adventures that you can take with babies and toddlers (really!) along with everything you need to know about traveling and exploring the natural world as a new family. Sourced from real families using Hike it Baby’s trail-tested system that rates safety, support, and small child accessibility, this book offers 100 trips of a lifetime that keep first-time moms and dads happily in their comfort zone, yet feeling like hardcore adventurers! Whether you’ve always wanted to hike part of the Appalachian Trail, meet giant Sequoias, or bike around the rim of Crater Lake with your little one, this book shows you how to plan a truly memorable journey together. 200 color photos, 7.5x9 inches, 320 pgs.

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New parents and parents of toddlers face unique challenges when it comes to planning family trips in the outdoors. A “family friendly” trail is often a misleading term and doesn’t take into consideration very young children (under the age of 5), whose safety and comfort requires a little extra effort—a deceptively steep trek or the lack of adequate parking lot facilities can mean the difference between a fun afternoon and a stressful, or even a risky situation. And given the unpredictable nature of babies and toddlers, many parents put their adventure dreams on the back burner, missing out on years of meaningful experiences as a family.

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