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Grizzly Hair - 4"

Caribbean Blue$5.96
Coco Brown$5.96
Crimson Red$5.96
Green Chartreuse$5.96
Lime Green$5.96
Pearly White$5.96
Solid Black$5.96
Tangerine Orange$5.96

Grizzly Hair is a synthetic hair is the perfect top to any streamer fly or to add a lateral line to any bait fish pattern. It is more durable and less expensive than natural grizzly saddle and finer than our Synthetic Yak Hair. It is color fast and available in many fish catching colors.

Comes in two sizes approximately 16" or 4" in length, with barring at every 3/16".


Carribean Blue

Coco Brown

Crimson Red

Pearly White


Tangerine Orange

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