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Hareline Electric Ripple Ice Fiber

Fl Blue$3.85
Fl Chartreuse$3.85
Fl Hot Pink$3.85
Fl Orange$3.85
Fl Purple$3.85
Fl Yellow$3.85

Ways to use Electric Ripple Ice Fiber are limited only by your imagination, but a popular application for this finely crinkled fluorescent fiber is as a substitute for rhea or ostrich on Intruder-style steelhead flies. It's also great for winging, dubbing brushes and dubbing loops.

MFG# Size
ERIP125 Fl Blue
ERIP127 Fl Chartreuse
ERIP188 Fl Hot Pink
ERIP137 Fl Orange
ERIP140 Fl Purple
ERIP141 Fl Sunburst Orange
ERIP142 Fl Yellow


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