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Item #:117740
Regular Price:$7.49
Your Price:$5.95
Color  QuantityPrice
Bleeding Shiner  $5.95
Blue Back Herring  $5.95
Cali Craw  $5.95
Chartreuse Flash  $5.95
Chartreuse Shiner  $5.95
Cherry Bomb  $5.95
Cherry Craw  $5.95
Chrome - Blue Back  $5.95
Chrome Blue/Black Stripe  $5.95
Chrome Chartreuse  $5.95
Chrome Shad  $5.95
Chrome/Black Back  $5.95
Delta Craw  $5.95
Diamond Dust  $5.95
Fire Tiger  $5.95
Gizzard Shad  $5.95
Glow/Green Back  $5.95
Gold  $5.95
Gold Tennessee Shad/Chrome  $5.95
Hd Bluegill  $5.95
Lake Fork Special  $5.95
Lectric Gold  $5.95
Lectric Silver  $5.95
Orange Crawdad  $5.95
Rayburn Red Craw  $5.95
Rayburn Red Zombie  $5.95
Red Crawfish  $5.95
Red Shad  $5.95
Retro Craw  $5.95
Sexy Zombie  $5.95
Silverado Sparkle  $5.95
White Red Head  $5.95
White/Yelloweye  $5.95

Bill Lewis Rat-L-Trap - Magnum Trap - 3/4 oz

The hallmark best selling hardbait series of all time, Rat-L-Traps feature Liv-N-Sound which mimics the vibrations of distressed baitfish. These lipless lures sink at 1 to 1.5 feet per second allowing you to fish them at nearly any depth.
  • Liv-N-Sound mimics the vibrations of distressed baitfish
  • Target Species: Black Bass, Walleye, Striped and Hybrid Bass, Muskie, Pike, Trout, Salmon
  • Mustad Triple Grip treble hooks
  • Weight: 3/4 oz.
  • Length: 3.5"
  • Fishing Depth: Sinking - approx. 1 - 1.5 fps
  • Made in USA

Bleeding Shiner

Blue Back Herring

Cali Craw

Chartreuse Flash

Chartreuse Shiner

Cherry Bomb

Cherry Craw

Chrome - Blue Back

Chrome Blue/Black Stripe

Chrome Chartreuse

Chrome Shad

Chrome/Black Back

Delta Craw

Diamond Dust

Fire Tiger

Gizzard Shad

Glow/Green Back


Gold Tennessee Shad/Chrome

Hd Bluegill

Lake Fork Special

Lectric Gold

Lectric Silver

Orange Crawdad

Rayburn Red Craw

Rayburn Red Zombie

Red Crawfish

Red Shad

Retro Craw

Sexy Zombie

Silverado Sparkle

White Red Head


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