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Bill Lewis Rat-L-Trap - Original - 1/2 oz

American Shad$5.95
Avacado Halo - Out Of Stock$5.95
Baby Bass$5.95
Black Cherry Craw$5.95
Black Crappie$5.95
Bleeding Shiner$5.95
Bleeding Shiner On Chrome$5.95
Blood Line Shad$5.95
Bloody Shiner Bones$5.95
Blue Back Herring$5.95
Blue Blood Shad$5.95
Blue Gill$5.95
Blue Shiner$5.95
Blueberry Perch$5.95
Bone/Orange Belly$5.95
Bright Belly Shad$5.95
Brown Trout$5.95
Z Chrome (Red Hook)$5.95
Cali Craw$5.95
Candy Craw$5.95
Charblue Flash$5.95
Chartreuse Bleeding Shad$5.95
Chartreuse Crawdad$5.95
Chartreuse Crawfish$5.95
Chartreuse Flash$5.95
Chartreuse Purple$5.95
Chartreuse Shad$5.95
Chartreuse Shiner$5.95
Chartreuse Silver Shad$5.95
Chartreuse/Black Back$5.95
Chartreuse/Blue Sparkle$5.95
Cherry Bomb$5.95
Cherry Craw$5.95
Chrome Black Back$5.95
Chrome Black Back Bleeding Shad$5.95
Chrome Black Zombie$5.95
Chrome Bleeding Shad$5.95
Chrome Blue Back$5.95
Chrome Blue Bleeding Shad$5.95
Chrome Green Back$5.95
Chrome Purple Back$5.95
Chrome Shad$5.95
Chrome/Blue Back/Black Stripe$5.95
Chrome-Gold Bones$5.95
Chrome-Red Bones$5.95
Cotton Candy Craw$5.95
Creole Craw$5.95
Delta Craw$5.95
Diamond Dust$5.95
Diamond Dust (Red Hook)$5.95
Electric Chicken$5.95
Fathead Minnow$5.95
Fire Tiger$5.95
Ghost Minnow$5.95
Ghost Shad$5.95
Gizzard Shad$5.95
Glow/Green Back$5.95
Gold Bleeding Shad$5.95
Gold Mine Shad$5.95
Gold Shad$5.95
Gold Tennessee On Chrome$5.95
Gold Tennessee Shad On Gold$5.95
Goldfire Craw$5.95
Green Sunfish$5.95
Green Tiger$5.95
Halo Bass$5.95
Honey Craw$5.95
Ice Blue Shad (Red Hook)$5.95
Lake Fork Special$5.95
Lectric Bleeding Shiner$5.95
Lectric Gold$5.95
Lectric Red$5.95
Lectric Silver$5.95
Mean Green Craw$5.95
Melon Shad$5.95
Mustard Craw - Out Of Stock$5.95
Natural Red Bleeding Craw$5.95
Natural Shad$5.95
Olive Shad$5.95
Orange Crawdad$5.95
Orange Light Tiger$5.95
Orange Tiger-Craw$5.95
Peppermint Bones$5.95
Pinch'N Peach$5.95
Pro Blue$5.95
Pro Gold - Out Of Stock$5.95
Pumpkin Craw$5.95
Pumpkin Perch$5.95
Pumpkin Seed$5.95
Purple Shad$5.95
Rainbow Perch$5.95
Rainbow Trout (Natural)$5.95
Rainbow Trout (Supernatural)$5.95
Rayburn Red Craw$5.95
Rayburn Red Zombie$5.95
Rayburn Tiger-Craw$5.95
Rayburn-Gold Bones$5.95
Red Chrome/Solid$5.95
Red Crawfish$5.95
Red Crawfish/Chart. Belly$5.95
Red Shad$5.95
Retro Craw$5.95
Retro Red Bones$5.95
Root Beer$5.95
Royal Red Shad$5.95
Sexy Chrome$5.95
Sexy Gold$5.95
Sexy Prism$5.95
Sexy Sunfish$5.95
Sexy West$5.95
Silver Shad$5.95
Silver Tenn Shad$5.95
Silverado Sparkle$5.95
Smokey Joe$5.95
Stump Knocker$5.95
Summer Sexy Shad$5.95
Sunrise Perch$5.95
Sunrise Shad$5.95
Swamp Craw$5.95
Tenn Shad Transparent$5.95
Tequila Sunrise$5.95
Tiger-Craw Ol Way$5.95
Toledo Gold$5.95
White Bleeding Shad$5.95
White Crappie$5.95
White Crawfish$5.95
White Shad$5.95
White/Red Head$5.95
White/Yellow Eye$5.95
Winter Craw$5.95
Wintergreen Shad$5.95
Yearling Bass$5.95
Yearling Bass/Orange Belly - Out Of Stock$5.95
Yellow Perch$5.95
Yocum Shad$5.95
Bleeding Nova Transparent$5.95
Nova Clown$5.95
White Bone Nova$5.95
White Glass$5.95

The hallmark best selling hardbait series of all time, Rat-L-Traps feature Liv-N-Sound which mimics the vibrations of distressed baitfish. These lipless lures sink at 1 to 1.5 feet per second allowing you to fish them at nearly any depth.
  • Liv-N-Sound mimics the vibrations of distressed baitfish
  • Target Species: Black Bass, Striped and Hybrid Bass, White Bass, Yellow Bass, Smallmouth Bass, Trout , Walleye, Pike, Salmon
  • Mustad Triple Grip treble hooks
  • Weight: 1/2 oz.
  • Length: 3"
  • Fishing Depth: Sinking - approx. 1 - 1.5 fps
  • Made in USA


American Shad

Avacado Halo


Baby Bass


Black Cherry Craw

Black Crappie

Bleeding Shiner

Bleeding Shiner On Chrome

Blood Line Shad

Bloody Shiner Bones

Blue Back Herring

Blue Blood Shad

Blue Gill

Blue Shiner

Blueberry Perch

Bone/Orange Belly

Bright Belly Shad

Brown Trout

Z Chrome (Red Hook)

Cali Craw

Candy Craw

Charblue Flash

Chartreuse Bleeding Shad

Chartreuse Crawdad

Chartreuse Crawfish

Chartreuse Flash

Chartreuse Purple

Chartreuse Shad

Chartreuse Shiner

Chartreuse Silver Shad

Chartreuse/Black Back

Chartreuse/Blue Sparkle

Cherry Bomb

Cherry Craw


Chrome Black Back

Chrome Black Back Bleeding Shad

Chrome Black Zombie

Chrome Bleeding Shad

Chrome Blue Back

Chrome Blue Bleeding Shad

Chrome Green Back

Chrome Purple Back

Chrome Shad

Chrome/Blue Back/Black Stripe


Chrome-Gold Bones

Chrome-Red Bones


Cotton Candy Craw


Creole Craw

Delta Craw

Diamond Dust

Diamond Dust (Red Hook)

Electric Chicken

Fathead Minnow

Fire Tiger

Ghost Minnow

Ghost Shad

Gizzard Shad

Glow/Green Back


Gold Bleeding Shad

Gold Mine Shad

Gold Shad

Gold Tennessee On Chrome

Gold Tennessee Shad On Gold

Goldfire Craw

Green Sunfish

Green Tiger

Halo Bass

Honey Craw

Ice Blue Shad (Red Hook)

Lake Fork Special

Lectric Bleeding Shiner

Lectric Gold

Lectric Red

Lectric Silver


Mean Green Craw

Melon Shad

Mustard Craw

Natural Red Bleeding Craw

Natural Shad

Olive Shad

Orange Crawdad

Orange Light Tiger

Orange Tiger-Craw



Peppermint Bones

Pinch'N Peach

Pro Blue

Pro Gold

Pumpkin Craw

Pumpkin Perch

Pumpkin Seed

Purple Shad

Rainbow Perch

Rainbow Trout (Natural)

Rainbow Trout (Supernatural)

Rayburn Red Craw

Rayburn Red Zombie

Rayburn Tiger-Craw

Rayburn-Gold Bones

Red Chrome/Solid

Red Crawfish

Red Crawfish/Chart. Belly

Red Shad

Retro Craw

Retro Red Bones

Root Beer

Royal Red Shad


Sexy Chrome

Sexy Gold

Sexy Prism

Sexy Sunfish

Sexy West


Silver Shad

Silver Tenn Shad

Silverado Sparkle

Smokey Joe

Stump Knocker

Summer Sexy Shad

Sunrise Perch

Sunrise Shad

Swamp Craw

Tenn Shad Transparent

Tequila Sunrise

Tiger-Craw Ol Way

Toledo Gold



White Bleeding Shad

White Crappie

White Crawfish

White Shad

White/Red Head

White/Yellow Eye

Winter Craw

Wintergreen Shad

Yearling Bass

Yearling Bass/Orange Belly

Yellow Perch

Yocum Shad

Bleeding Nova Transparent

Nova Clown

White Bone Nova

White Glass

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