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Item #:117744
Regular Price:$7.99
Your Price:$6.95
Color  QuantityPrice
Amber Shad  $6.95
Blood Craw  $6.95
Blue Chartreuse  $6.95
Bluegill  $6.95
Cell Mate  $6.95
Chartreuse Blaze  $6.95
Citrus Shad  $6.95
Ghost Craw  $6.95
Louisiana Shad  $6.95
Pro Blue  $6.95
Purple Smoke  $6.95
Rayburn Red Craw  $6.95
Silverado  $6.95
Strawberry Craw  $6.95
Tennessee Shad  $6.95
Threadfin Shad  $6.95

Bill Lewis MR6 - 1/2 oz

Bill Lewis brings the MR-6 (mid-range 6ft) in response to pro-staff demand for a high-performance crankbait in this range. With a compact 2.25 inch body length, the MR-6 contains an internal weight transfer for long casting abilities in a small sized lure. The flattened sides and tapered tail combine for extreme vibration on a tight wiggle. The MR-6 has the ability to carry large Size 4 Mustad Triple Grip hooks while still maintaining superb action.
  • Low pitch knock
  • Heavy vibration
  • Long casting
  • Slow Rise
  • Mustad Triple Grip treble hooks
  • Weight: 1/2 oz.
  • Length: 2.25"
  • Fishing Depth: 6 feet
  • Made in USA

Amber Shad

Blood Craw

Blue Chartreuse


Cell Mate

Chartreuse Blaze

Citrus Shad

Ghost Craw

Louisiana Shad

Pro Blue

Purple Smoke

Rayburn Red Craw


Strawberry Craw

Tennessee Shad

Threadfin Shad

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