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Bio Bait Americraw 5"

Aurora Blue$5.99
Bama Craw$5.99
Colorado Pumpkin$5.99
Green Pumpkin$5.99
Watermelon Red$5.99

Big flappy claws, beady little eyes, realistic head shell detail, a ribbed tail, and wispy antennae. All in a slightly larger more noticeable profile. At 5 inches the AmeriCraw catches the attention of monsters looking for a tasty treat.

  • Water Soluble
  • Plant Based
  • Fish Oil Infused
  • Tear Resistant

    Bio Bait is a revolutionary, water soluble, and safer alternative fishing lure that breaks down 99% quicker than the industry standard. Their patented formula smells and looks better than your average soft bait and is better for fish and the environment.
    Their lures are infused with fish oil during the production process so the scent lasts as long as the bait. Bio Bait never dries up and the longer that it's in the water, the better it smells.
    Their secret sauce and lifelike designs are guaranteed to attract more fish than your standard soft bait.

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