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Saber Grub Tugger Ice Rod

20in L$19.95
24in L$19.95
20in M$19.95
24in M$19.95
24in H$19.95

Our Grub Tugger series of rods is designed to meet the needs of those jigging for walleye and larger game fish. The spine of the moderate to fast action blank that continues through the high-quality cork handle with threaded reel seat ensures realistic sensitivity and consistent hook sets, while the larger guides help prevent freeze-ups for those of you who choose to venture out of the shanty and into the elements. Colored in bright red, it easily contrasts against the snow, and our hook-keeper prevents you from dealing with line tangles when hole hopping or transporting the rod. Available in 16, 20, or 24 inches with power ratings of ultra-light, light, medium, and heavy.

  • Fiberglass Blank
  • Cork Handle
  • Threaded Reel Seat
  • Large Guides For Preventing Freeze-Ups

Model No Length Power Action Material
GT-20L 20in Light Moderate To Fast Fiberglass
GT-24L 24in Light Moderate To Fast Fiberglass
GT-20M 20in Medium Moderate To Fast Fiberglass
GT-24M 24in Medium Moderate To Fast Fiberglass
GT-24H 24in Heavy Moderate To Fast Fiberglass

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