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Rio GSP Backing - Chartreuse

$19.99 - $599.99
100yds - Out Of Stock$19.99
200yds - Out Of Stock$34.99
300yds - Out Of Stock$49.99

RIO’s premium 65lb, 8 carrier backing is made of the finest materials from Japan. 8 Strands of tightly woven fibers makes for a round backing that stacks perfectly on the fly reel. The result is a stronger, softer and smoother performing backing. The breaking strain and diameter make this a perfect choice for all fishing, from pan fish to ultra-big game such as GTs, billfish, and Tarpon.

This universal backing is appropriate for any rod/ reel size and equally suited for all species; from Trout to Tarpon. It is roughly the same diameter as traditional 20lb Dacron backing and reel capacity can be determined as such. Available in perfect fill amounts for every angling situation.

Model Size Overall Length Color
6-26600 65lb / 29kg 100yds / 91m Chartreuse
6-26601 65lb / 29kg 200yds / 183m Chartreuse
6-26602 65lb / 29kg 300yds / 274m Chartreuse
6-26603 65lb / 29kg 3200yds / 2926m Chartreuse

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