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Morning Star Lanyard

Black Bone w/ Brown Beads$31.95
Amber Bone w/ Small Black Beads$31.95
Black and White Carved Beads$31.95
Turquoise Speckled and Small Black Beads$31.95

Morning Star Fly Fishing Lanyards offer a light weight & cool alternative to a heavy fishing vest! Morning Star Lanyards include a Retractor, Neoprene Fly Patch & Tippet Spool Holder (tippet not included), as pictured here.

The Lanyard allows you to keep your most frequently used tools at your fingertips and is equally at home on salt water as well as lakes and rivers.

The lanyards are fabricated with black, vinyl coated, stainless steel cable. This stiffer cable allows this lanyard to hold its distinctive "hoop shape", even when loaded down with tools. No more twisted, tangled clusters of accessories while wearing or storing a limp lanyard.

When every ounce counts, whether hiking to your favorite mountain lake, packing for an Alaskan lodge or sitting in your float tube, you will come to find Morning Star Fly Fishing Lanyards indispensable.

Strict attention to detail, uncompromising use of the best materials available, combined with an artists touch for selecting handcrafted beads, set these lanyards apart from all others. Why not wear a lanyard with a little personality?

  • Quick Release Safety Beakaway
  • Supportive Neck Band
  • Vinyl Coated Stainless Steel Cable
  • Retractor, Fly Patch, and Tippet Spool Holder Included
  • Stainless Steel Clip Keeps Lanyard From Falling Forward when leaning over
  • Quality Swivels for accessories
  • Unique Handcrafted Beads
  • Made in U.S.A

    Styles Available:
    Black Bone with Brown Beads
    White Bone with Black & White Beads
    Amber Bone with Small Black Beads
    Black and White Carved Beads
    Turquoise Speckled and Small Black Beads

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