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Euro-Seal Dubbing - Seal Substitute

Blended Mottled Caddis Green$2.75
Blended Mottled Canadian Leech Brown$2.75
Blended Mottled Damsel Olive$2.75
Blended Mottled Olive/Black$2.75
Blended Mottled Rainbow Leech - Out Of Stock$2.75
Blended Mottled Rusty Black$2.75
Claret - Out Of Stock$2.75
Dk. Olive$2.75
Fl. Blue - Out Of Stock$2.75
Fl. Cerise$2.75
Fl. Green - Out Of Stock$2.75
Fl. Orange - Out Of Stock$2.75
Fl. Pink$2.75
Fl. Purple - Out Of Stock$2.75
Fl. Yellow$2.75
Golden Olive$2.75
Red - Out Of Stock$2.75

A natural fur substitute for seal. It has excellent translucently, spike and the same dubbing properties of genuine seal. We have a full range of traditional salmon and trout colors as well as a outstanding group of blended colors.

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